The blind dog had lost his interest in everything until another canine came into his life

He trusted his life to his new friend

When Starling lost his eyesight because of glaucoma, he became so sad and depressed. Everything around him seemed uninteresting.

His loving owners decided to adopt another dog as a companion for their pet, and after some time, Wally joined in their family.

The owners were so worried about the dog’s condition and they tried hard to solve the problem, but useless. The poor animal was not cured.

His life changed at once, when friendly and playful Wally arrived and helped him overcome all the difficulties.

They became inseparable friends. They do everything together; eating, sleeping, playing and just having a rest together. Their bond is really strong, so no one can divide them.

Having such a compassionate friend like Wally is really nice, and Starling is lucky enough to have him in his life.

The owners frequently capture them in interesting positions and share them on social media. Many people follow them and enjoy to watch their adorable photos.

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