«From a Hollywood comedian to a farmer with sad eyes»: Everyone’s attention was drawn to the current appearance of Jim Carrey

The fans hardly recognized Hollywood actor Jim Carrey in his recent photos

It is sometimes rather hard to realize how fast time flies before our eyes. Believe it or not, legendary and praiseworthy Hollywood film star J. Carrey has already celebrated his 61th birthday. The iconic comedian greatly surprised the fans with his new photo.

The great actor has grown a thick beard leaving everyone speechless with the he has changed over these years. «He resembles an ordinary aged man», «I refuse to believe that this is actually Carrey», «How unkempt he looks here».

«This is what ageing looks like», «He is hard to recognize in these photos».

«At 61 he looks considerably much older, to be frank», «Our childhood idol is far not the same anymore».

What films have you watched with this prominent actor’s participation?

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