«From the 2000s iconic blonde into a plump woman»: The author of the hit «Hurt» has changed beyond recognition

The fans hardly recognized the 2000s’ singer Christina Aguilera in the recent photos

There is, perhaps, no single one who will be unfamiliar with this iconic, popular and talented singer Ch. Aguilera whose hit «Hurt» has become well-known worldwide. Today, the brilliant performer is still into her career and continues delighting her fans.

It should be mentioned that the 42-year-old superstar of our time has changed beyond recognition after giving birth when her hips’ and breasts’ size noticeably increased.

However, shortly after her first childbirth in the 1990s, the iconic performer pulled herself together and lost much weight returning to her former body shape with the help of a healthy diet, regular workouts, proper sleep and self-discipline.

Whereas in the recent photos of the celebrity it is quite visible that the brilliant singer has gained some excess weight again.

Do you think the 2000s’ singer has changed beyond recognition?

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